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Origin Story

"Steven, we need to be able to load 27,000 people eight times a day into 390 classrooms across 53 buildings and keep everyone safe by wearing a mask and social distancing. Oh, and class starts in 8 weeks," said the provost.

Most people would run from this problem under those time constraints, especially in a state university bureaucracy, but not my team. Over the next two days, we conceived multiple solutions, got student feedback, and quickly threw most of those ideas away. All by two. Those two ideas would become one major project executed in 8 difficult weeks. An idea the CIO of the university initially called a "foolhardy endeavor" but later praised our solution, it's implementation and student adoption. 

During that "foolhardy endeavor," an elite team of problem solvers comprised of user experience designers, data scientists, computer vision engineers, cybersecurity specialists, 3D artists, and app developers came together to become more than a project team. We became Lexus 9. 


But having led this type of interdisciplinary innovation group like Lexus 9 before, I knew we needed more than that the talent, skills, and collaboration. Funding and business processes often hinder these types of groups from being successful for their clients. 

I went to an established, trusted tech-services CEO and investor with my concept and team. This investor was looking for an opportunity to create a new way to deliver technical solutions without the overhead and delays his and other big technology firms often require. Together, we have streamlined the business process to focus on the client's needs so we can spend more time innovating and less time handling contracts and invoices. 

In just a few weeks, Lexus 9's investors provided the financial backing to build the necessary infrastructure and business support to that ensure our path to being a successful, respected, long-term provider of innovation.

Today, Lexus 9 is looking for another one of those impossible problems. We want to help you with a high-risk but high-reward endeavor that has no solution in sight.

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